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As we strive to meet the needs of our clients, we in turn are rewarded by the generous compliments and commending words. Here is what our clients are saying.

"We would like to take a quick moment to just thank you for your services and for being so helpful and kind to us. Because of you, we were able to send our wedding video to our friends and family across the world that wasn’t able to join us in Hawaii!

Thank you again for all you’ve done for us. Your services is the greatest gift we could ask for, it is the memories you have made for us. It is a perfect gift for our new beginning. We love it!"

Mr. and Mrs. Taka and Faren Gainous

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"I was organizing a family reunion...and wanted to make the event something everyone would remember. I gathered together some really old pics and came to Mellange to help create my Back in the Day slideshow. [Mellange Studio] helped me organize the pics and set the music I brought in for the background. I discussed what the event was for, and the significance of some of the pictures. When i got the slideshow, I was so impressed with how the music was perfectly timed- even though some of the songs were kinda tricky. I was especially touched when I got to the middle of the slideshow and the last song hit on time with the pic of my dad and my deceased uncle. I didn't make a big deal of how special that picture was...but that type of attention to detail really impressed me."

I will definitely be back for the 2nd Annual Fam Reunion."

Bambi I.

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"With the number of videographers/video production/editing etc etc companies out there (including one in my own family that I will NEVER use again), the skills and talent of the Mellange staff never cease to amaze me. They recently covered a wedding I was in (see review below), and their videographer Roland was very professional and the results were amazing. Not once was he in the way of ANYONE, and I actually forgot he was there. But the coverage that he got was amazing as was the end product.

Check out their work and you'll see for yourself. They have recently completed work for Wild 94.9 that can be viewed on YouTube, and their samples on the website (weddings) literally brought me to tears. I don't even know the people they covered and I felt all the emotions of the event, as though I was there.

I already know who I'm booking when it comes to my wedding!"

Riza A.

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"We used Mellange Studio to take video at our wedding in San Francisco. I liked them because while most places want to sign you up for a multi-thousand dollar package with editing and production with music accompanying, etc. Well, while Mellange can do that, they were also willing to provide a simple and straightforward service which is what I wanted. They provided one wedding videographer for 5 hours at an hourly rate and simply mailed me the raw footage. 5 stars because the cost was $475 not thousands, but I still got a very professional videographer well equipped with cameras and wireless microphones at my event at a more reasonable cost."

Paul W.

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"Mellange Studio is awesome! We worked with them during a photo session for a couple's engagement session. Communication with Mellange prior to the event was always very professional, courteous, and very accommodating. The videographer was so easy to work with. He was unobtrusive though he was very thorough in his video coverage of the event. We really appreciated his attention to detail and the respectful manner in which he interacted with the couple, as well as with our photography team. We highly recommend Mellange to all our clients!"

Ed P.

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"We hired Mellange Studio for our wedding. From the consultation to the DVD delivery, everything went smooth. They put together a package that worked with our budget with pleasure! The quality of the video we received looks like we paid much more than we really did. Our videographer Roland Posadas arrived early & set up fast. We had an outdoor wedding w/an indoor reception & he handled it with no problems at all for the whole wedding. Roland was very stealth with his work, never in the way but always in the right place. I recommend them HIGHLY!!!!!!!!"

Joseph and Maresa N.

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"Mellange Studio is awesome! The staff is wonderful and so professional. They are really a pleasure to work with and are very accommodating, giving you individualized attention. Their work is beautiful and elegant. Their service and products are top-notch!!!"

Monica P.

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"Although I am not a regular "yelper", I did feel the need to write my own personal experience with Mellange. One word that best describes the Mellange crew? TALENTED. When my sister first told me she wasn't doing a slideshow for her wedding, I knew that there should be at least some kind of video presentation. In looking over some of Mellange's past projects on youtube, I was immediately impressed by their craftsmanship and raw talent. Since Mellange was already covering the videoagraphy for my sister's wedding, I decided to approach them with my video idea. My idea was sketchy; I wanted to do a bridal party testimonial of the bride & groom. The end result? Simply AMAZING. Mellange took my concept & created an unforgettable video that moved the bride, groom, & guests. Many thanks to Pete and Rich for giving 200% of their professionalism, patience, and creativity."

Sterley B.

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Charles and Eunice P.

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"Thank you for the great job you did on the DVD for my daughter's 18th birthday party! You were all so helpful and great to work with, very patient and you all gave great attention to details in the editing...You've captured those special moments at the party that brings us back to the day of the event. I can watch the video over and over again. This is the best keepsake we have of my daughter's debut. We're going to host a party at our house to show the dvd you put together. We would highly recommend your services to all our friends and family."

Jennifer F.

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"Our DVD was like a real Hollywood movie! My husband and I are very happy we were referred to you for video. I really didn’t get to fully experience what was going on at my wedding as I was filled with so many emotions that day. You’ve captured all of our special moments and I’m so thankful you brought out the best of the days events."

Jarrod and Ashley V.

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“They provided us with a service that we will appreciate for a lifetime. Their professionalism enabled them to know exactly what we wanted to capture without going into too much detail. They made our wedding day available to us forever in a way that makes it special every time we watch it. I couldn’t imagine using anyone else.”

Leo and Gina C.

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"We loved the photo montage you created for us. You made us cry tears of happiness during the reception presentation. We couldn’t believe how many joyful years we’ve been together! Thanks for bringing us down memory lane."

Chad and Laney R.

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"We loved our video! When we received it in the mail we couldn’t wait to pop it in the DVD player. Once we hit play we couldn’t believe how clear everything was! You guys did an awesome job and we just wanted to express our gratitude. "

Jacob and Nancy M.

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"The video is absolutely spectacular! You are definitely talented in many ways. I'd love to stop by and visit sometime, get some of your business cards, and help spread the word about you and your gifting. I am soooo impressed!"

Tessa V.

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"We appreciate the amount of respect you gave our guests and vendors. We received plenty of feedback from everyone about how courteous your staff was. The photographer even commented about how professional and considerate your team was. If we can be of any help promoting your business, please let us know. You guys deserve to be recognized."

Gerald and Leticia A.

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"The concert DVDs were a hit! We sold out! Everyone commented about how professional it looked and sounded. Last year's video was nothing compared to yours. We now know who to go to for all of our future events. Keep up the great work!"

Rachael M.
Sr. Events Director

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"Thanks for the excellent coverage of our daughter's christening. We especially liked the part where all the relatives had a special message for Liliana. The effects were also spectacular! Please pass on the kudos to your awesome team."

Tommy and Yvette A.

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"The Real Estate Tours are absolutely magnificent. I can’t believe it took so long for someone to think of this idea. You guys raised the bar on Virtual Tours. I can’t wait to tell my clients that I have this exclusive service."

Michael D.

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"Brilliant! The shots of the home accompanied with the voice-over were so powerful! My clients felt more of an impact with these motion tours compared to the 360 degree tours. They were also impressed with the additional DVD features containing the floor plans and other pictures. Through these added marketing tools I now feel more confident I’m delivering the best possible service to my clients. Thanks."

Kevin T.

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"I had an idea of looping the Home Tour at my open house for people to see as they walk in. It was a success! People literally stopped and watched it play in the living room. They said it was very informative to know more about the house and the community. I gave several families and other agents a copy to take home with them. There was another family down the street who passed by and saw the tour. Guess what, they hired me as their agent and I picked up another listing!"

Constance S.
Real Estate Agent

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"The company’s professionalism and work ethic are second to none. I’ve seen other club videos out there and I can honestly say you guys are the best in the industry."

Jeff N.
Sr. Program Director
MYX - Music Lifestyle Channel

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